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Tuesday, February 11th, 2003

Time:9:29 pm.
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Saturday, February 8th, 2003

Subject:man o man techno does a body good
Time:5:52 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
grrrr im pissed.
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Subject:fuck school...i hate it
Time:5:14 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
Fuck this.

Because of photography I failed this quarter. The bitch told me I had an 80, I had a 30 and I didn't get the half credit I fucking needed!!!!! I waste 400 bucks on a camera that my parents don't have....for NOTHING.

Fuck churchville.
be my valentine <33

Subject:cookin' pizza on this lovely saturdee! YAY!
Time:3:59 pm.
Mood: good.
Yay I had so much fun last night :) woo. Ashley came over and we went to the mall and shopped for Peter n stuff...for Valentines day. And I got 2 key chains and 2 pins, 1 keychain says "I'm not a bitch, I'm THE bitch" and the other one says "I only LOOK sweet and innocent" cuz people are always saying I look so innocent and my voice is so small. And the pins say "life sized doll" and "queen of the bitches" their cute. And I got a Strawberry shortcake pen, it's so cute. Then we came back here and had fun dancing to techno and watching Stuart from mad tv, things like that :) I love that girl! We're soo much alike, we have lots n lots of fun together just being nuts. Man people are pissing me off today, IMing me and talking shit out of no where. People bug me. I have a new hobby...putting techno music on and jumping on my trampoline for hours. If I keep this up maybe I'll lose some fat! Haha. But seriously...it's good for me! And fun too! Yeah I'm a dork idk, it asmuses me. Elyse is right man, Scott really is gay. I don't like that kid. I'M COOKING PIZZA THEN I'M GONNA TAKE A SHOWER AND THEN I PLAN ON GOING BACK OUTSIDE AND JUMP AROUND TO TECHNO MUSIC! Me n Ashley got the cutest pics done at the mall in the booth thingy. I'm making a musketeers page in my agenda :) me ashley sean elyse and selicca...I guess...even though I'm kind of mad at her right now. Just for a lot of little things put together =\ but oh well my pizzas done and then I will continue on with my day! BYEBYE!
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Wednesday, February 5th, 2003

Time:5:37 pm.
new journal-melibabie

Add it, or don't...it's up to you but if you don't add me I guess you won't ever hear of me again. ;) peace.
be my valentine <33

Subject:melis day, woo
Time:4:40 pm.
Mood: happy.
Hmm, going to the mall in a little bit with Selicca and her friend Maria who I've never met. I had a good day today. Selicca didn't go to school which kinda sucked but oh well. Me and Ashley wore our I'm with stupid shirts hehe, we are so cool. I so got the topic I wanted on my sophmore research paper, tattoos and piercings. Lindsay Case was really pissed that I got it, but too bad. But yeah...me and Ashley were hanging out in English and Caryn was being an asshole to her because she's friends with me...it's so stupid. Shes really judgemental, apparently she doesn't like me because I'm...preppy-ish. Thats so stupid. And it really bothers me. I thought *popular* people were the ones who were supposed to be like that anyways?! Cuz I'm definetly not. Oh well. She can get over it...it's not like Ashleys gonna stop being friends with me because of her. But yeah...then I went and talked to Sean for a while...and I was like "Whos agenda is this?" and it just so happened to be this kids who talks to me online but I've never met him...and I reeeeallly don't like him because he's gay online. But yeah, I wrote "dans a fag <3 melinda" in it cuz I'm nice. Then I continued talking to Sean. Then this kid who I've never seen before comes over and sits down next to me n Sean. And idk we were talking and Sean happened to say my name and the kid looks at me, like surprised. But I just kept talking to Sean and the kid kept looking at me but it was time to go and I stood up n I was like well hey there dan rowe, ur a fag! And he goes RIIIIGHT. And I was like yeeeeah hows your 7th grade girlfriend ;) and everyone started laughing at him. I'm so nice. Oh well he's mean to me online neways! Haha. Then I went to gym where we played badmitten, it was a good time lol...me and Lyse are the best! Then Mr. Casey came in and told me my cheerleading pictures were in the athletic office, so me n Lyse went down and got them and we were like 10 minutes late to Bio lab so we just didn't go, and we sat on a bench by the gym with Ashley and talked the whole time. It's sad you can just sit there and skip in my school haha, and have teachers come talk to you. And this nurse lady was weighing people in their gym class, and I was like WEIGH ME WEIGH ME. And I weigh 106, which I personally don't believe but I was like yay :) and my scale says so too. I have this huuuuuuge team picture and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have it or not...cuz it was in a big plastic bag with my pictures...so I just took it. I actually talked to Lindsay Royce today, and she's soo nice when you talk to her! I guess it's just cuz she was always afraid to talk to me or whatever. I gave her one of my cheerleading pictures cuz she asked for one too. Then me and Brandi stood in the middle of the hallway at the end of the day talking and I was trying to find a picture of me for her lol, n she's like "Yeah we're in the middle of the hallway..." "Oh well they can go around us :)" haha. Yeah but I think Seliccas picking me up any minute now...so byebye! Oh and I'm prolly getting a new journal...cuz I feel like it :) And no one comments anyways...oh well. Peace!
be my valentine <33

Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

Time:11:56 pm.
I like how you people comment! PShhhh!
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Time:11:41 pm.
Mood: amused.
Lovely054: she's lucky i didn't fucking rip her cunt out and make her eat it

lol I love this girl!

Me and Petey slept all night...so I'm going to be awake for a very long time. I think I'm gonna go take a bubble bath. Oo sexay ;) lol hehe nite.
Ahh it's so windy! Scary!
be my valentine <33

Subject:my dayyyy
Time:3:55 pm.
Mood: devious.
hmm...my day was kind of fucked up. Today is the half yr over mark or whatever the fuck it's called so I have 2 new classes, wild life ecology and health. Wildlife...omg it's so weird...theres 2 guys and me in that class. 3 people. And 2 male teachers. How fucked up is that! :( but at least we got to walk in the hallway and thats all we did all class. It won't be boring. And in my new health class I have my Petey babe. And Megans in there. Tristan is tooo, shes the only senior and I was like LEMME SEE YOUR RING! And she showed me and aww it is preettyyyy! But yeah =\ my classes are better than before so thats good =) imma go tho! byebye
be my valentine <33

Subject:post for the day, not that anyone cares :)
Time:12:11 am.
Mood: bored.
Hmm yes, so today I was sick in the morning so I asked my Mom if I could go in late. So she set my dads alarm clock for 9, but she didn't tell him I was going in late. So when the alarm went off my dad just turned it off thinking I was at school. I woke up at 12, so I didn't go to school today =\ ehh. Everyones like lucky you got a day off blahblah. I really wanted to go dammit! oommmg livejournal you guys really need to fix your fucking website cuz I have to click on links like 30 billion times! It's really getting annoying. Today was Peteys Moms bday...so we went out to dinner. Then we came home and had cake, and then me n Petey decided to walk to Seliccas and see her new house. I wasn't exactly sure which one it was...but we saw Terris car and I was like...hmm that one! She lives sooo close to Peter! But yeah...it's a cute little house. I am watching her dog this weekend cuz she's going to her boyfriend...well...fiances boot camp graduation. I guess he can't get out of the navy =\ which sucks... :( he should have never gone. Tomarro in global me and Selicca are making him a congradulations card...from me. But Seliccas gonna help. Blah I have to go make my schedual still tomarro =\ cuz I am currently not in classes for block 2 and 4 haha. I'm gonna go to bed though :) nite nite.
be my valentine <33

Sunday, February 2nd, 2003

Time:11:48 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
Hmm well the hair turned out fine...partly cuz it doesn't look much different ;) haha. Sometimes I get the feeling no one reads this and I'm rambling to myself. Oh well. I am soo very confused as to what indie music is? Why do there have to be so many different kinds of music. When people ask me what kind of music I like I just kinda like..shrug...cuz...I don't really know anymore ;) lol. I'm so damn bored. I have 2 open blocks on my day 1/3 and I have no clue what to take. I am not taking advanced photo. That ladys too much of a bitch. I was hoping for a study hall...but that prolly won't happen. I don't wanna end up in classes with no one that would suck. I didn't really have anyone in photography though...not really anyways. I talked to B.A. and Erica. It all depends on whats open when :-\ I'm hoping for sculpting or something. Maybe painting. Cuz I need art credits. I want someone to talk to online dammit..Brandi needs to get her butt back to her house. And Ashley needs to come back. Well I'm gonna go do something else. Maybe play playstation :) nite nite!
be my valentine <33

Time:7:07 pm.
Mood: pleased.
I'm dying my hair a little bit lighter blonde :) cuz my highlights washed out and I hate my natural color. So yeah...hope that goes good ;) it's the garnier stuff, so it should make it jusst a tiny bit lighter. I got my new pants, cuz I exchanged ones that were too big for me. They were my normal size 3 and they were too big, that makes me happy. So I got these pants idk their sweet. I got a new belly button ring too. And I got like 6 new video games lol. AND VANILLA SHAMPOO YAY. So I got lots of new stuff this weekend. Lucky me :) getting stuff makes me happy. I'm gonna go do my hair tho, wish me luck lol.
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Saturday, February 1st, 2003

Subject:i stoled these from katrina.
Time:6:04 pm.

What's your sexual appeal?
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You&apos;re Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
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care about presents or about going to fancy
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being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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so true :)

Peter took this quiz, he got...
Dial it up! You are Webcam Exhibitionism!
Webcam Exhibitionism!

What Kinky Sexual Activity Are You?
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so true...he always brags about his penis.

Burp! The Drunken Orgy!
The Drunken Orgy!

What Kinky Sexual Activity Are You?
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heh heh.
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Time:12:24 pm.
Mood: amused.
omg I had the craziest dream!

Ok, my prom was in the 70s. lol. But first MTV was there and I was picked to be on tv and stuff ;) and yeah idk I started talking to this freshman with long hair and he was like "It's the seventys mannnnn" and then it turned 70s dude. And idk lol my dress was all 70s and so was everyone elses, and by 70s I mean actual 70s like the dresses in the virgin suicides. And Meredith was driving me somewhere...and she kept spinning and doing doughnuts n stuff and not on purpose. Then I was walking with Janelle...and for some reason she was going out with Rob Conor lol..and idk we were walking and I was listening to Robs cd player and it was all 70s music like the music I've been listening to lately...and I was like um Rob...cuz one minute it goes from this metal screaming to 70s stuff. And hes like don't ask me, it's Joelles. And Joelle was there in this really big poofy 70s dress lol. And Sean Winecki was with Mya and he had an afro and a joint. This dream was soooo weird, but funny. And Brandi had pink hair and a bright pink floral dress in the dream haha. And idk I basically saw everyone I knew but I only remember some of the details. But I'm going to the mall now haha!
be my valentine <33

Friday, January 31st, 2003

Subject:AHH! lol
Time:1:17 am.
InvaderZiM687: hi
melii143: HEY BABY
InvaderZiM687: u know who this is ???
melii143: YES I LOVE YOU
InvaderZiM687: ummmmm
InvaderZiM687: ok
melii143: no who is it
InvaderZiM687: only if you reall want to
melii143: want to what
InvaderZiM687: want to love me
melii143: ohhh ohh i do, right after u tell me who u r
InvaderZiM687: ur a verry strange child
melii143: yes, this is true
melii143: are you stalking me? ive always wanted to be stalked!!
InvaderZiM687: teling people your not even shure you know you love them
InvaderZiM687: i could
melii143: yeah im surry
melii143: YAY!!!!!!!!!
melii143: GOD DAMMIT
InvaderZiM687: but im the type that would stalk you and then rape and murder you
melii143: THE TOOL GUY!!!!!!!
InvaderZiM687: ummmm no
InvaderZiM687: do u like pantera
melii143: oh ya?
melii143: dont fuck with me will
InvaderZiM687: i will because i can
melii143: lol who is this
melii143: WILLIAM
melii143: IS THAT U SUNNY!
InvaderZiM687: because you my friend are but a ant and i am but the raid cand that can kill you
melii143: okayyyy ya beat me at bein weird
melii143: hollar
InvaderZiM687: i dont holla
InvaderZiM687: i scream
melii143: i dooo!
melii143: are you giving me hints
melii143: or are you just being a random ass
melii143: im a gothic skank
InvaderZiM687: a little from colum a a little from collum b
melii143: DO YA!
melii143: DO YA!!!
InvaderZiM687: no im a gothic skank
melii143: thats fun
InvaderZiM687: would you fuck a sheep
melii143: oh shure
melii143: god dammit
melii143: who is this
InvaderZiM687: no what im saying prince valent if you were a sheep would yuo fuck another sheep if you were a sheep
InvaderZiM687: well yeah
InvaderZiM687: this mother fucker aint one of us he said hed fuck a sheep
melii143: elyse?
melii143: is that ur drunk ass over there?
InvaderZiM687: now whos laughing you dirty sheep fucker
InvaderZiM687: no its not
melii143: lol
melii143: uhhh melinda is
InvaderZiM687: shes allready dead
melii143: lets play a game
InvaderZiM687: some of us are really born to die
InvaderZiM687: whats the game
melii143: is that so
melii143: okay the game is called...i love melinda
InvaderZiM687: i give you shit and you take it
InvaderZiM687: ok
InvaderZiM687: i guess i loose
melii143 wants to directly connect.
InvaderZiM687 is now directly connected.
InvaderZiM687: sponge bob
melii143: okay imma guess your name
InvaderZiM687: ok
melii143: bob
InvaderZiM687: yur right
melii143: dude this is dave isnt it
melii143: dave ur a fuck
InvaderZiM687: but at the same time your so wrong
melii143: is that so?
InvaderZiM687: it is
melii143: uh huh
melii143: do you even know who i am
InvaderZiM687: yes i do
melii143: who am i
InvaderZiM687: and its just so much fun toying with you
melii143: oh yea?
melii143: :-* its fun toying with you too baby
InvaderZiM687: pleas do not cal me baby
melii143: are you a male or a female please
InvaderZiM687: pete may get mad
melii143: peters right here thanks
InvaderZiM687: what is happining dude
InvaderZiM687: u still smokin
InvaderZiM687: i am
melii143: =-OJILL
InvaderZiM687: melinda its eric
InvaderZiM687: codding
melii143: lol
melii143: ur an ass
(4 )wishes ~~~be my valentine <33

Subject:yay lol
Time:12:30 am.
melii143: even though you took the strawburry out :-)
shellez05: i love you melinda
shellez05: oh shush up
shellez05: u would still be crawling
melii143: i know geez!
shellez05: or wearing ur shoes on the wrong feeet
be my valentine <33

Thursday, January 30th, 2003

Time:8:59 pm.
omg, i looove the band heart. 70s music is so coool :) lol. My Moms like this is funny I was obsessed with this song when I was 15. Haha. I like it thouuuugh!
be my valentine <33

Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

Time:1:47 pm.
Hehehehe I'm so drunk...

I got drunk by myself I'm a loser. I think Ashleys coming over.
be my valentine <33

Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

Time:10:01 am.
Mood: bitchy.
Oh my GOD I hate my fuckin school. I get there for my test and they take my cell phone away...and I was like okay fine whatever ya know? So I go after my test to get it and I go to walk to the other entrance and the woman is like "MELINDA WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?" I was like "To be picked up...cya" and shes like "Oh no you don't get out of the school with that phone" n I was like "Umm...nahhhh...." and we got into this yelling battle n finally shes like "FINE I'LL JUST GET U IN TROUBLE" blabla...I was like "Okay sweet peace we'll see what happens when my mom calls the school about your fucking bitchy ass" haha so I go to the cafeteria and Petey comes out and I told him and Ashley what happened n crap and then me n Petey were walking to the other entrance and this lady is bitching at us to go sign out and shit? We were like okay...and we didn't. Then I waited for my dad forever and me and Peter were walking down to the other entrance and my dad calls my cell phone, and Mr. Casey this really nice guy is SCREAMING at me about my cell phone so I kiss Pete goodbye and I go back to the other entrance and Mr. Casey is following me out and shit?! And I saw Janelle Scott Mike n Mikey and I stopped to hug Janelle n Mr. Casey is telling me to get out of the school and shit I turned around n I was yelling I was like "OH MY GOD WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME TALK TO MY DAD CUZ SERIOUSLY HE WON'T CARE AND YOUR ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!!!" n hes like "With that mouth YES I would" and I go to the entrance and he starts bitching at some other girl about her cell phone. I swear to god....I only had it so I could call my Dad to pick me up and people need to flip a dick about it?! And idk Mr. Casey grabbed me and like pushed me towards the door I was like "DON'T TOUCH ME" Man...I'm a bad ass? LOL not really but jesus people fuckin piss me off. The test was pretty gay...we had to write an essay on how teachers effect students...blah...blah. It was stupid. I hate school. Rawr!!!! Especially my school.

On a happy note my Peteys coming over later yay :) And I'm eating chips and dip my favorite junk food :) yummy!
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Monday, January 27th, 2003

Subject:livejournal is a cunt
Time:11:23 pm.
My dayyy.... (if you care since no one comments anymore)

I had 2 midterms today. I was sick feeling in the morning and idk I just didn't get up (went to bed at 4 am) and Elyse called me and shes like "We're gonna be late" So I was like DAMMIT and I got out of bed n stuff...haha. Took my global and math tests....Global was soo easy...but math...thats a diff. story. Then I went to Lyses and chilled with her, and me her n Mya played in the snow :) good times. Then I went to Peteys. I'm going to bed :) nite nite!
be my valentine <33

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